Taxi Booking Telephone Directory

Passengers who wish to book taxi services can set appointment with any of the designated taxi companies in Hong Kong.


Taxi Company/OrganizationContact Telephone
Kowloon Taxi Owners Association2760 0411
United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association2760 0477
Wai Yik HK & Kln. & NT Taxi Owners Association2776 9282
Fraternity Taxi Owners Association2527 6324
Hong Kong Kowloon Taxi & Lorry Owners Association Ltd2574 7311
The Taxi Operators Association Ltd2362 2337
Wing Lee Radio Car Traders Association Ltd2397 0922
T.C Taxi United Association Ltd2697 4333
Quadripartite Taxi Service Association Ltd2332 2571
Hong Kong & Kowloon Radio Cars Association Ltd2760 0455
Yik Sun Radiocabs Operators Association Ltd2394 0111 / 2394 0112 / 2395 2808
Wai Fat Taxi Owners Association Ltd2861 1008
United Radio Taxi & Goods Vehicle Association Ltd2332 2477
Happy Taxi Operator's Association Ltd2728 8281
Chuen Lee Radio Taxi Association Ltd2398 1881
Golden Link Taxi Owners Association Ltd2571 2929
Sha Tin Taxi Service Association Ltd2332 2571
Wing Tai Car Owners & Drivers Association Ltd2527 8524
City O.D Association Co Ltd2343 3189
Pak Kai Radio Centre2333 1556
Hong Kong Taxi Centre2574 7311
Taxicom Vehicle Owners Association Ltd2529 8822
Hong Kong & Kowloon Rich Radio Car Service Centre Assn Ltd2729 1199
Rambo Taxi Owners Association Ltd2383 0168


Taxi Company/OrganizationContact Telephone
The Association of N.T Radio Taxicab Ltd2657 2267
NT Business Car Operator Fraternal Association Ltd2457 2266
Tang's Taxi Companies Association Ltd2457 0417
Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association2450 2288
North District Taxi Merchants Association2677 8888
HK Tele-call Taxi Association2675 7688
N.T Taxi Owners & Drivers Fraternal Association2457 2266
The Fraternity Association of N.T Taxi Merchants2478 8332 / 2476 2265 / 2476 2266
The N.T Commercial Radio Centre Ltd2476 4247
Fanling Taxi-Call Services Centre2675 7688 / 2699 1088
Hong Kong & Kowloon Rich Radio Car Service Centre Assn Ltd2729 1199
Rambo Taxi Owners Association Ltd2383 0168


Taxi Company/OrganizationContact Telephone
Lantau Taxi Association2984 1328

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